Why Dubai has potential to be top 10 city for entrepreneurs

SourceArabian Business

Dubai is the only city in the Middle East to rank among the top cities for entrepreneurs in the world, according to new data.

The survey of 200 international cities by e-commerce firm Oberlo ranked destinations on factors that contribute to healthy start-up ecosystems, such as economic freedom, technology infrastructure, logistics, female entrepreneurship and access to markets and capital.

Techstars partnership with Hub71 alone have seen close to 20 tech start-up ventures setup shops in Abu Dhabi in recent years

Globally, Dubai entered at number 59 with an overall score of 59.9. The emirate also secured the top global spot for its favourable business tax system and ranked highly at number six for logistics and number 23 for its technology ecosystem.

In the Economic Freedom index, Dubai scored 79.9, while London came first with an 88.7, followed by New York and San Francisco at 86.8 and 86.6 points respectively.

Dubai is also among the top cities in the world for speedy company formation with an...read more...