Abu Dhabi Customs sets new economic incentives package

CountryUnited Arab Emirates

UAE – Mubasher: Abu Dhabi Customs has launched a new package of incentives and facilities to support importers and boost competitiveness in international trade. The new package includes the ability to replace bank guarantees with institutional guarantees to reduce financial burdens on companies, free and smooth transportation of goods between free zones and Customs warehouses, and electronic monitoring. Meanwhile, procedures are set to achieve a 100% electronic release and payment of transit data restrictions among Abu Dhabi ports. Through the package, Abu Dhabi Customs will also offer smart customs services, enabling dealers to submit their customs declarations easily via several platforms, including Tamm, Maqta Gateway, and Abu Dhabi Digital Authority. It is noteworthy to mention that Abu Dhabi Customs has previously launched a package of economic incentives to alleviate the coronavirus (COVID-19) impact from importers and small-and-medium-sized enterprises. ...read more...