Dubai Customs’ transactions grow 38% in H1, 2020

CountryUnited Arab Emirates

DUBAI: Dubai’s economy continued its exceptional performance despite headwinds from a slowdown in the global economic growth due to the coronavirus, COVID-19, pandemic.The number of customs transactions completed by Dubai Customs skyrocketed 38.5 percent in the first six months of 2020 to reach 7.2 million compared to 5.2 million transactions in the corresponding period in 2019.This reflects the vital role Dubai plays as a global trade hub and the resilience of its infrastructure and systems in dealing with challenges including COVID-19.Dubai Customs completed 134,000 business registration requests during the first half, growing 109 percent from 64,000 in H1, 2019.The stimulus package developed by Dubai Government includes a refund of 20 per cent on the customs fees imposed on imported products sold locally in Dubai markets and the cancellation of the more...