How legal reforms further strengthen women’s rights in the UAE

SourceArabian Business


gal reforms announced by the UAE Government will provide a further boost for females living in the country, both citizens and residents, according to Rudolph Lohmeyer, partner, National Transformations Institute, Kearney Middle East. Fundamentally, the changes announced on Saturday are further proof of the country’s commitment to promote itself as a tolerant, inclusive, global hub of trade, innovation and social progress, offering up an attractive place for expatriates to live and do business. Lohmeyer told Arabian Business that those of most direct relevance to woman may ultimately prove most economically significant. He said: “The provisions related to divorce, separation and the disposition of assets, and harassment and assault when taken together demonstrate the depth of commitment to maximizing the attractiveness of the country to women from all over the world. “By attracting female entrepreneurs, more...