Salaries in UAE to Remain Under Pressure Going into 2021

SourceAl Bawaba

Consistent with other international markets, the impacts of the current pandemic on remuneration packages aren’t uniform across all UAE industries.   Even during periods of rising unemployment a majority of companies (73%) are offering remuneration packages that meet or exceed pre-pandemic numbers, Robert Half, the world’s first and largest specialised staffing firm, says in its 2021 UAE Salary Guide providing in-depth data-driven insights into recruitment trends across the Emirates.   Almost five-in-ten senior managers surveyed (47%) said salaries have held steady since the spread of Covid-19 began, and nearly 3-in-10 respondents (26%) actually noted an increase in base compensation for key roles spanning Accounting & Finance, Financial Services, Technology and HR/Admin.   Bonuses are still being paid this year.

A little over half the managers surveyed (52%) are making payments that either meet or exceed their pre-Covid-19 equivalents, whilst 38% are offering less, year-on-year.   "Employees are a company’s most valuable asset for navigating both short-term disruption and achieving long-term growth,” said Gareth El Mettouri, Associate Director, Robert Half Middle East, in launching the 2021 UAE Salary Guide.   “Workers have been stretched to the limit during the pandemic, often putting in longer hours, taking on additional responsibilities, acquiring new skills and using recent months to reassess their more...