‘When you empower women, you are empowering the economy’

SourceArabian Business
CountryUnited Arab Emirates

It will take 217 years to close the global economic gender gap at the current rate of progress, says Nairouz Bader, CEO of retained executive search firm Envision Partnership, referencing a recent World Economic Forum. UAE’s recent presidential decree stipulating equal pay for equal work is a “remarkable” step towards bridging that gap, says Bader, but it needs the right follow-up to be effective. VIDEO In an interview with Arabian Business, Bader outlines the economic implications of equal pay, regional challenges to achieving that and the mechanisms to ensure the decree is followed through with action.What is the economic significance of bridging the gender pay gap? The positive impact on the GDP of any country is massive. There are studies done in the United States which show that if we have equal pay, ...read more...