WKND Spotlight: ‘There is no real playbook for success’

SourceKhaleej Times

Byju Raveendran's tale has all the markers of everyone's favourite rags-to-riches story: humble beginnings, a touch of serendipity, and superlative success. Educated at a small village school in Kerala, it was during his work as an engineer that Byju decided to sit for the CAT exam. He was "taken aback" when he received his score: 100 per cent. Word spread quickly after that, and he was soon helping friends prepare for their exams. As they too found success, more people began signing up for Byju's test-prep classes, which scaled up to workshops and, eventually, stadium sessions for more than 20,000 students. When it was evident that education, not engineering, was his calling in life, Byju quit his job to take up teaching full-time. Today, his eponymous education app has catapulted ...read more...