Bahrain stepping up to the challenges of online teaching and learning amid pandemic

SourceThe Daily Tribune - News of Bahrain

Amid concerns over the coronavirus (COVID-19) problem, Bahrain has taken advantage of the benefits of e-learning to sustain progress in the education sector. The reality is that e-learning or electronic learning has been put in place in Bahrain since 2005 as a result of the King Hamad Schools of the Future Project, in addition to the Digital Empowerment Project and with no letup in COVID-19’s assault on the health system of the Kingdom since last year, the Education Ministry has been forced to continue using the distance learning mechanism and develop it in order to serve the educational process. Schools are now using the educational portal, digital content and televised lessons, in addition to other effective electronic teaching means.

Through these various online platforms, Bahrain’s educational process is progressing in the right direction. Following the analysis of the National Medical Taskforce and competent authorities on the health situation, classes should be held virtually as part of the strict more...