Montessori provides rewarding job opportunities for Bahrainis: Jabri

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  • Date: 14-Oct-2021
  • Source: Bizbahrain
  • Sector: Education
  • Country: Bahrain
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Montessori provides rewarding job opportunities for Bahrainis: Jabri

Mrs. Thana Jaberi, the director of the “Manama Montessori” Center, stated that Montessori is one of the future sciences that gives excellent and fulfilling career opportunities for Bahrainis, similar to IT, FinTech, and AI, among others. “This will usher in a new generation of Bahraini students who will be initiators of career possibilities rather than merely job seekers.” According to Mrs. Jaberi. In this context, Mrs. Jaberi noted a recent positive development in Bahrain’s education sector through the new legislation transferring responsibility for nursery supervision from the Ministry of Labor to the Ministry of Education and said that this legislation opens the door to further advancement of nurseries and attracting more investments for this sector. “Manama Montessori Center” has taken on the task of promoting Bahraini competencies, providing academic and practical training, and qualifying them to contribute to the process of developing education beginning at the early childhood stage to build a brighter future for Bahrain in line with the Kingdom’s vision 2030. In this regard, the center is organizing a course for 15 Bahrainis who want to further their careers and find lucrative employment possibilities in Bahrain and the region. This is the first training course of its kind

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