1.4M school children in Egypt screened for anemia, obesity, dwarfism

SourceEgypt Today

FILE – School children in Egypt CAIRO – 9 November 2020: Minister of Health and Population Hala Zayed stated Monday that 1,432,852 have been screened for anemia, obesity, and dwarfism within a campaign targeting the screening of 14 million school children for such diseases. The campaign was launched early in November two weeks after academic year 2020/2021 had begun. The campaign, which will conclude by the end of the academic year, takes place in 29,444 schools across the country, and includes Egyptians and foreigners. Until present, most of the screening was carried out in Daqahleya (193,333 students), Sharqeya (172,000 students), and Giza (105,616 students).   The screening process is assumed by 1,800 medical teams. Each team consists of a nurse, a lab technician, and an administrative employee. It is noted that a similar campaign was launched two years ago. ...read more...