24 million Egyptian students begin school year amid virus precautions

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UN Security Council demands ‘unconditional’ access to decaying Yemen tanker Recent images showing water leaking into the decaying Safer tanker off the Yemeni western city of Hodeidah have triggered international uproar Diplomats warned that the tanker’s cargo would cause a major disaster in the Red Sea if the tanker collapsed Updated 17 October 2020 Saeed Al-Batati October 17, 2020 21:11 AL-MUKALLA: Members of the Security Council on Friday called on the Iran-backed Houthis to immediately give access to UN experts to the decaying Safer tanker in the Red Sea. “The members of the Security Council recognized the grave threat posed by the Safer oil tanker, whose dire and dilapidated condition risks an environmental, economic and humanitarian catastrophe to Yemen and the region, and they called on the Houthis to urgently facilitate unconditional and safe ...read more...