How the 28-year-old son of one of hip hop’s biggest jewelers launched a $6 million education consulting firm with just $1,500 in startup capital

SourceBusiness Insider

Benjamin Arabov. Courtesy of Benjamin Arabov Benjamin Arabov, 28, is the son of Jacob Arabo, nicknamed "Jacob the jeweler" for his work adorning the biggest names in hip hop including Diddy, Biggie, and Jay Z.  But Arabov has forged his own path, launching Grow Enrollments, an education firm that helps connect people with online courses, training, and coding boot camps.  The firm is on track for $6 million in revenue this year, per documents reviewed by Business Insider. Arabov called Grow's course offerings "disruptive learning" and said they're the future of education. He warns that traditional four-year colleges must find ways to stay competitive in a digital marketplace.  Here's how he built the business to this point from the startup capital of just $1,500 he had in his savings account five years ago.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Benjamin Arabov could have gone into the jewelry industry if he wanted to. His father is, after all, famed jeweler Jacob Arabo, nicknamed "Jacob the Jeweler" for his jewelry company, which has created custom work for the likes of Jay-Z, Paris Hilton, Pharrell, and even Rudy Giuliani. Arabo has more...