Study at the AGU recommends expanding Twenty-first century skills among students


A recent scientific study recommended the integration of twenty-first-century skills in the innovation incubator curricula, considering it as a sustainable development pillar. It has been said that the implementation of strategies supporting the study will help students acquire twenty-first-century skills and enhance their information and technology literacy skills. The study emphasised on developing different activities for the curricula in the Sultanate of Oman to strengthen students’ skills, especially learning, creativity and other life skills. This was mentioned in the study, which was conducted by Omani researcher Samia bint Suhail Al Ma’ashani, as part of the requirements to obtain a PhD degree in Gifted Education from the College of Graduate Studies at the Arabian Gulf University (AGU).

Titled “Differentiation of the Twenty-first Century Skills, Professional Tendencies and Productive Citizenship more...