Are you ready for a new world?

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Aberdeen is home to ISA, an international school that is creating the new possible

Young school leavers born in the 1950s started their careers in a very different place to the one they will retire from. Yes, the architecture is pretty much the same, and the glorious landscape beyond remains untouched. However, not too much else has stayed the same.

Looking at Aberdeen alone, for a start, the population has risen by 10% since 1960, but the real change is in who that population is.

A quarter of Aberdeen’s current residents were born outside Scotland and a lot of this is down to the arrival of oil transforming the city into the oil capital of Europe.

Other changes to Aberdeen are less unique and more widespread across the world. For example, the rise in digital technology. What was the stuff of science fiction just 30 years ago, is everyday life now. We can book flights (post pandemic) and check into our hotels more...