Civil society organisations urge gov’t to protect women’s rights amid pandemic

SourceJordan Times

AMMAN – Twenty-two civil and women’s organisa-tions issued a statement recently asking the govern-ment to adopt concrete and comprehensive measures to safeguard women’s social and economic rights in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis. The statement, dated October 13, pointed out that the government “has been ignoring the inclusion of work-ing women’s needs in its policies and legislation that are being adopted and implemented to deal with the COVID-19 crisis”. “The government failed to contact civil society organi-sations with regard to women’s needs and the negative impact that affected them, especially working mothers who are now carrying double burdens because of the online education,” stated the statement. The economic burdens that occurred due to the current COVID-19 crisis and previous financial constraints have added more burdens on working women and could eventually result more...