Gov’t urged not to close kindergartens

SourceJordan Times

AMMAN — Kindergarten owners and families on Tuesday called on the government to allow their establishments remain open and give priority to teachers in the vaccination process.  “It has been scientifically proven that children aged four and five are the least infected with COVID-19,” the National Campaign to Reopen Kindergartens (NCRK) coordinator, Dima Qaisi, said. Qaisi told The Jordan Times that children who stayed home during most of the long lockdown period, which began in March 2019, “were highly affected in all forms and levels”. “Keeping children at home rather than sending them to kindergartens resulted in mental, psychological and social damage, while others suffered speech problems or isolation feelings,” she said.  Remote learning is “not the most effective learning method” for children of this age, Qaisi stressed.  “We also hope that the priority in vaccination is for the teachers so that we protect them and protect everyone working in this sector,” she added. Meanwhile, the NCRK issued a statement stressing the importance of more...