Al Rayan Schools and Microsoft conduct remote e-learning


13 January 2020; Kuwait City, Kuwait: Al Rayan schools and Microsoft are working together to ensure full continuity of education in Kuwait, as they team up to deliver remote e-learning for more than 13,000 students from five schools. This interactive program is powered by Microsoft Teams. The move comes as the unprecedented situation created due to COVID-19 has seen schools across Kuwait physically close to support public health and safety. In order to provide a positive response to this with full continuity for education, Al Rayan efficiently coordinated with Microsoft to ensure that its students have full capability to continue their education. Delivery of this aim is supported through a 900-strong team of specially trained teachers and administrators to conduct online sessions every day. “Since the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the normal lifestyle of people across the globe, the virtual world has ensured continuity from work to social to education”, said Ms.

Lana Othman Al Ayyar, Chief Executive Officer of Al Rayan. “Al Rayan has enhanced its e-learning platform, providing essential training for teachers to use this and platforms to the optimum level. We more...