ASB introduces Arabic language and Islamic studies Program to impart and uphold Bahraini cultural values


The American School of Bahrain (ASB) has introduced a comprehensive Arabic language and Islamic Studies program as a way of imparting and upholding Bahraini cultural values amongst its students.  With a mission to build a holistic educational structure that represents the culture and values that set Bahrain apart, such as family, character, relationship, trust, integrity and excellence, the school, through the introduction of the two learning programs, aims to promote those ideals that are central to the Kingdom of Bahrain while reinforcing its commitment to furthering the interests, wellbeing and growth of its students. Since its inauguration, ASB has partnered with parents to develop a community culture that invokes pride in its students and allows them to flourish as individuals. “At ASB, we pride ourselves to be able to teach Arabic to all our students, be it first or second language learners. We have deployed various teaching strategies within our classes to include a range of learning and more...