Behind the NGO equipping MENA’s students with the skillset for 21st century jobs

SourceArabian Business
CountryMiddle east

Coronavirus has transformed the labour market, giving rise to new career opportunities and necessitating an innovation-based creative skillset, but the region’s education systems have largely not kept up.

Schools and universities focus on teaching subject matter but students need to be equipped with the 21st century skills that employers are looking for and youth need to be exposed to real-life career opportunities, said Akef Alaqrabawi, CEO of Injaz Al Arab, a youth capacity building and skills training NGO dedicated to overcoming unemployment in the region.

This is where Injaz, established in 1999, comes in with its mission “bridge the gap between education and the requirements of the labour market through hands-on training and mentoring programs delivered by volunteer business leaders and entrepreneurs,” said Alaqrabawi.

Joint action from multiple sectors is needed to ensure that the next generation is prepared for the needs of the future

This is even more important now that “Covid-19 has completely transformed the education and labour market,” said Alaqrabawi.

“A more...