ADHD in kids: Parenting a child with ADHD in the UAE

SourceGulf News

Once thought to be only a childhood condition, global cases of ADHD have risen dramatically in both adults and children in the past 20 years. During the pandemic diagnoses of the condition have skyrocketed further, with 17% of children and 22% of adults taking ADHD medication for the first time, according to surveys by ADDitudemag. com.

“Parents gained a front-row seat to their kids’ attentional and educational struggles during remote school, while adults’ own coping mechanisms and systems broke down, revealing core problems with motivation, memory, and organization,” say the survey editors. While the symptoms mean that it’s hard to diagnose a child before the age of about 5 (children are expected to be energetic and impulsive after all), latest research suggests that it’s important to factor in the possibility of ADHD at a pre-school level, in order to best help little ones who may otherwise struggle. Here’s what you need to know about ADHD in children in the read more...