UAE: Employers, school heads must report Covid cases

SourceKhaleej Times

The Federal Public Prosecution has clarified that principals of educational institutions and managers of establishments are obliged by law to inform UAE health authorities if a student or worker is found to be infected with a communicable disease, such as Covid-19. ALSO READ: Up to Dh50,000 fine for not informing UAE authorities about Covid infection In a video post published on its social media account, the Public Prosecution referred to Article 12 of the Federal Law No 14 of 2014 concerning Prevention of Communicable Diseases which says: "If a director of an educational institution or any other facility suspects any student or employee has been infected with a communicable disease, he must refer the suspected person to the specialist doctor for examination and to provide him with a report stating his/her disease. "If it is proven that the person has this disease, the director must inform the Ministry of Health and Prevention or the competent health department immediately and take the appropriate measures to prevent the spread of the disease." The article further states that the concerned authority must isolate the infected person as well as any direct contacts, and will be more...