UAE’s biggest dance therapist on teaching movement to children of determination – MENAFN.COM


(MENAFN – Khaleej Times) While the arts usually tend to get pigeon-holed into the category of one’s hobby or leisure, the crucial role that it can play in empowering young minds often goes unnoticed. When one thinks of dance, we immediately think of busting out strenuous moves that make for magnum opus performances. But once we remove the frills from the art form, the very essence of dance translates to a form of expression.

A way of communication, that goes beyond words, using every inch of our body, the core of our being, to express our emotions. It does not discriminate between the abled and the differently-abled. It shouldn’t. Art cannot discriminate. And neither does Vishakha Verma, a 48-yearold teacher of the classical dance form, Kathak. Director of the Vishakha Dance Academy, Vishakha has made it her mission to introduce inclusivity through dance, welcoming students of all abilities, into her dance classes across India and the UAE for more...