Al Muqarram Group and Zulekha Hospital join hands to support and enhance the well-being of families from International Schools Partnership during the Covid-19 pandemic

SourceEye of Riyadh

 Al Muqarram Group, Zulekha Hospital and International Schools Partnership (ISP) schools in the UAE, have teamed up to support families in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with their wellbeing, both mentally and physically, during the pandemic.   In recognition of how the pandemic has disrupted their lives, causing anxiety and stress, families with students in the ISP schools in the UAE will have the opportunity to be a part of a Stress Management Webinar.

Entitled, ‘Mental Health and Stress Management for Parents’, families from The Aquila School and Nibras International School in Dubai, as well as from Aspen Heights British School and Reach British School in Abu Dhabi, will be able to participate in this session conducted by experts from the Zulekha Hospital.   The families from these schools will also receive over 2,000 more...