BUiD welcomes new students to the new academic year with a week of induction

  • Date: 21-Sep-2022
  • Source: Zawya
  • Sector:Education
  • Country:UAE
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BUiD welcomes new students to the new academic year with a week of induction

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Dubai, UAE: The British University in Dubai started the new academic year with a week of induction welcoming new undergraduate and postgraduate students to its campus for orientation. The new students registered in programmes ranging from business, management, education, law, engineering, and IT. They were welcomed by the University’s Vice Chancellor, Professor Abdullah Alshamsi, and the Registrar and Chief Administrative Officer, Hugh Martin.

During the Induction, students were briefed about process, facilities and services available at the BUiD. Heads of programmes were available to give brief introduction about each programme. Furthermore, The Director of the University’s Doctoral Training Centre briefed them on the support, training and advice that the Centre would be providing students during their years of study.

The Vice Chancellor greeted the new students and said: “We are very pleased to welcome you to our campus. We assure you that you will get our support throughout your time with us. We will help you achieve your goals through a successful learning journey.”

The Registrar highlighted the importance of critical enquiry, quality and independent learning in the British model of higher education, and encouraged all students to challenge, question and evaluate throughout their studies and beyond.

All BUiD’s programmes are accredited by the