Beyon money remittance services now available on BenefitPay


Beyon money remittance services now available on BenefitPay

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Manama, Bahrain: Beyon Money announced that its international remittance service is now available on BenefitPay. Beyon Money’s remittance service features one of the best offers in the market for international transfers and gives customers the opportunity to seize the lowest fees and rates directly from BenefitPay’s app.

Beyon Money’s international remittance services offer unlimited transfers @ BD1 for a week, to India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, the Philippines, and Egypt. The unlimited transfer services are also available @ BD5 for a week to the United Kingdom, United States of America, European Union (EUR, DKK, SEK), and Switzerland. These offers are now available to BENEFIT’s customers, as Beyon Money is listed as part of BenefitPay’s remittance services, along with other vendors.

Beyon Money CEO Roberto Mancone said, "We are delighted to collaborate with BENEFIT to extend Beyon Money’s remittance services to BenefitPay’s customers. Beyon Money provides cutting-edge digital onboarding and digital remittance services through our Super App and this partnership further facilitates the access to our services, benefitting customers of both the Beyon Money and BenefitPay platforms.”

“This new service will allow consumers to compare and choose the best available offers directly in the marketplace. We believe in a digital driven society; we foster the shift