Lawmakers say Facebook and Google are hoarding people’s personal data and using it to grow in a ‘feedback loop’ of market power — with no intention to stop

SourceBusiness Insider

Big tech companies like Facebook and Google have collected so much personal data that they now use it to secure their own market dominance in an "advantageous feedback loop," according to a House antitrust report published this month. The report provides one of the most comprehensive investigations to date into the personal data market, and recommends ways that future laws could aim to give people more power over their own data. Citing expert testimony and newly-surfaced internal documents from the companies, lawmakers warn that Facebook and Google use their mountain of data to improve their own products and bat away competitors. Privacy has been sacrificed because there are hardly any other competing products people can use instead of Google and Facebook, the report argues. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. It's no secret more...