Lecture at AGU sheds light on basics of Rooted Theory


The Arabian Gulf University (AGU) recently hosted a virtual lecture, presented by Professor in the Innovation and Technology Management Programme Dr Fairouz Al Dhammour, on the importance of rooted theory and its applications using the qualitative data analysis software NVivo, and its impact on the production of innovative qualitative research. Dr Al Dhammour stated that rooted theory is one of the qualitative scientific research methodologies that relies on producing innovative results that help all sectors, especially innovation, business and technology. Explaining further, she pointed out that research based on rooted theory aims to reach the qualitative and not to prove specific hypotheses, as is the case with quantitative methods. Dr Al Dhammour added that the rooted theory does not aim to prove a theory, but rather to discover a theory.

 “This theory may be an explanation of a phenomenon or a proposal for a framework, model or application to solve a specific problem, and this is what we need more in most business organisations,” the Professor clarified in the lecture. Dr Al Dhammour stated that the radical theory relies on devising a set of categories and classifications that are linked by relations to form an integrated framework for ...read more...