Sustainable finance poised for growth in Middle East

SourceTimes of Oman
SectorFinancial Markets

A global survey released by HSBC shows how sustainable finance is gaining momentum in the Middle East, with ‘values’ the main driver among of issuers of bonds, loans and other securities in the region.The HSBC 2020 Sustainable Finance and Investing Survey also highlights how the Middle East sustainable finance market is at an earlier stage of development than markets such as Europe, Asia and North America, with some contrasting results between investors and issuers. Among issuers in the Middle East, 93 per cent say environmental and social (E&S) issues are important to them — but only 65 per cent of investors feel that way (compared to the overall global average of over 90 per cent). Within these majorities, the shares saying E&S issues are ‘very important’ are also lower more...