This Hidden Risk Could Crush Your Stocks In 2021 (Here’s What To Do)

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Getty Let’s not assume our retirement savings will benefit from the Federal Reserve’s bout of 2020 money printing. Inflation could be a real problem, as soon as 2021. So let’s talk about stocks that are not only protected but likely to benefit from Jay Powell’s prolific “efforts.” (In other words, dividend stocks that’ll double while investors are fixated on deflation.) When it comes to inflation, many folks have a dangerous blind spot. They recall 2008, and the Fed’s then-extraordinary actions late that year, which gave us a narrow escape from deflation, and no inflation to speak of. Just think back to that time. We were told that quantitative easing was sure to drive consumer prices higher. Dire warnings of 1970s-level interest rates were common. Except inflation never materialized! more...