10 things before the opening bell

SourceBusiness Insider
SectorFinancial Markets

Welcome to 10 Things Before the Opening Bell. If this was forwarded to you, Plus, , our weekly markets analysis newsletter. Let’s get into it.

As virus variants continue to threaten the global economic recovery, investors are getting nervous. Prices suffered as in August while the surge in new COVID variant cases renews worries about oil demand. Fintel identified five heavily shorted stocks primed for a squeeze this week. The list includes Marin Software and Exela Technologies — , Snap, Chipotle, and United Airlines Holdings . The analyst thinks Wood’s flagship ETF is showing dot-com bubble-like traits. The S&P 500 is down 3% from its record high, but an expert claims the dip will be short-lived. The investing app company plans to raise up to $2.3 billion in its upcoming IPO. Number of shares, stock price range, and more — . The National Bureau of Economic Research wrote that the lasted from February to April last year. One expert who...read more...