5 Double-Digit Dividend Stocks: Winners And Losers

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5 Double-Digit Dividend Stocks: Winners And Losers

Let me outline our compelling dividend counterpoint—a five-stock portfolio with an average yield of 12. 3%. This generates more than $60, 000 in annual income on a $500K portfolio, or a sweet $123, 000 in dividends on that million-dollar nest egg. And, most importantly, this "retire on dividends" strategy leaves the principal untouched. Contrary to popular opinion, we have a pool of dividend candidates. Let's start with the 879 dividend-paying stocks that yield more than 3% and work our way up the chain: Buying secure dividends like these is the safest way to retire. It's simple math. Let's revisit that million-dollar nest egg, which means: Yields like that can be a lifesaver to investors working with a smaller egg. At 12. 3%, even a $500, 000 investment will still generate $61, 500 each year! The key word to making all of this work is "reliable." We must avoid the dividend traps and focus solely on secure yields. So let's do a little research together right now and explore five fat yields between 10% and 14. 7%. Let's start off by looking at one of the highest-yielding corners of the market: business development companies (BDCs). As a reminder: These firms provide…

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