How NAMA is advancing gender equity and inclusive socioeconomic growth

SourceGulf Business
SectorFinancial Markets

Advancing women’s capacities and skillsets to keep pace with the specialised requirements of the job or business market are essential for the economic and social development journey of the UAE. Furthering this goal will, in turn, positively impact the quality of life in society. Reem BinKaram, director of UAE’s NAMA Women Advancement Establishment, says Emirati society is founded on the concept of partnership and mutual respect, where women enjoy great stature that is rooted in Emirati and Arab culture and heritage. “This concept gained greater prominence with the founding of the country as women were further encouraged to play a vital and influential role, and partnerships were open to all without any discrimination,” BinKaram says. “This has enriched the role of institutions that support women as they work towards preparing human cadres to drive the future economy that relies on talents and skillsets more than financial resources,” she adds. NAMA Women Advancement Establishment (NAMA) is a Sharjah, UAE-headquartered public non-profit organisation that believes that women are important human capital and works towards advancing them. The Covid-19 pandemic has brought unprecedented uncertainties to the global economy. BinKaram says Covid-related challenges reinforce the need to empower women and communities to help rebuild tumbled economies. “Economic awareness more...