Dutch cargo ship adrift off Norway

SourceKuwait Times
SectorFinancial Markets

OSLO: A Dutch cargo ship was adrift in the Norwegian Sea yesterday after all of its crewmembers were airlifted, with some having to jump into the rough waters to be rescued. The “Eemslift Hendrika”, which was carrying several smaller ships from Bremerhaven in Germany to Kolvereid in Norway, made a distress call Monday, reporting a heavy list after stormy weather displaced some of its cargo. The 12 crewmembers were evacuated in two stages later the same day by Norwegian rescue services. The first eight were airlifted by helicopter from the deck of the cargo ship. But the last four had to jump into the water to be plucked out of the sea because the waves were rocking the boat and the list was too severe. Footage from the Norwegian authorities shows a man in an orange survival suit throwing himself into the rough sea off the stern of the ship.

The ship also suffered an engine failure and then began drifting towards...read more...