Abdel Samad addresses to Ministry of Finance comments on 2021 draft budget

SourceNational News Agency - Lebanon
SectorFinancial Markets

NNA – Caretaker Minister of Information, Manal Abdel Samad, sent to the Ministry of Finance a set of general comments on the draft budget law for the year 2021, after it proved impossible for her to present her observations at the cabinet session that was expected to be devoted to discussing the draft law.

Abdel-Samad’s paper included six observations, the most prominent of which being the proposal to exempt licensed media and drama production companies from income tax on profits made in the years 2021, 2022 and 2023, taking into account the current economic situation that negatively affected the said sector, provided that 80% of the workers in these companies are Lebanese.

She also suggested reintroducing the draft law submitted by the Ministry of Information, which aims to exempt audio-visual media institutions from part of their annual rental fees, given the financial hardship that these media

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