Lebanon’s dollar crisis dims future of students abroad

SourceJordan Times
SectorFinancial Markets

BEIRUT — Lebanese medical student Mohammad Sleiman travelled to Belarus to become the first doctor in his family, but he now fears his country’s economic crisis is going to get him expelled. “I’ve got a future and I’m working towards it,” the 23-year-old said from his bedroom in the capital Minsk, a dream catcher hanging on the wall behind him “But if they throw me out of university, my future will be lost. And it’ll be the Lebanese state’s fault.” As Lebanese banks forbid depositors from transferring their own money abroad, thousands of students who went abroad to pursue studies they could not afford at home are among the hardest hit. Students said they had moved into cheaper accommodation, taken on jobs or even cut back on meals. Some had been forced to fly home to Lebanon, with no idea how to return to their studies. Sleiman said he was so stressed about money that he could hardly concentrate in class. Back home, his family’s...read more...