Bitwarden: Why Password Managers Are the Ticket to Protecting Your Crypto Accounts

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Bitwarden: Why Password Managers Are the Ticket to Protecting Your Crypto Accounts

Gary Orenstein is the chief customer officer at Bitwarden leading the go to market efforts across customer success, marketing, and sales. Here he shares his thoughts as to why password managers are the ticket to protecting crypto accounts. Unsurprisingly a rising market that benefits investors also attracts threat actors hoping to profit from others. Over the last several years, tens of billions of dollars in Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies have been stolen from users in an array of attacks aimed at harvesting credentials and other sensitive information, allowing threat actors to compromise accounts and transfer funds. Alas, while attractive, cryptocurrencies’ decentralized nature is the very characteristic that makes it challenging to stop illegitimate transactions or recover funds. In most cases, once coins are taken, they are gone forever. To combat these risks, users need to be aware of the telling signs of scam emails, imposter sites, and shady giveaways, taking every precaution to secure their accounts and digital wallets. As attackers share methods for cracking accounts and wallets, daily users and holders alike may want to consider solutions, like password managers, to protect themselves. The Case for Password Managers Password security can be a polarising topic within the crypto

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