Elon Musk asked Jack Dorsey whether Twitter would let advertisers pay in Bitcoin. Dorsey dodged the question.

SourceBusiness Insider
SectorFinancial Markets
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Elon Musk asked Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey whether the social-media platform would accept bitcoin as payment from advertisers — and Dorsey never gave a clear answer. Musk and Dorsey appeared at a virtual panel about bitcoin called “The B Word” on Wednesday, and panel host Steve Lee asked how they . Initially, Dorsey said he was focused on decentralization, both through his payment company Square and Twitter, which aims to build new decentralized social-media protocols as part of its project .

But Musk wanted to know more. “What about letting Twitter advertisers pay in crypto?” Musk asked. Dorsey’s reply was supportive — but he didn’t say whether Twitter would start accepting bitcoin. He said that if cryptocurrency was around when Twitter started, it may not have needed advertisers at all. “If we had bitcoin or native currency before Twitter started, it just creates so many business models that we wouldn’t have to be dependent upon advertising generally,” he said. “I...read more...