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Ethereum Popularity on YouTube Surpasses Bitcoin is currently the most popular cryptocurrency on YouTube. The news is based on a study conducted by Total Processing. Total Processing reviewed 10,000 videos to come up with the report. According to a recent report by Total Processing, Ethereum (ETH) is the most-watched cryptocurrency on YouTube. The top altcoin has clocked over 231 million views, even more than . In contrast, Bitcoin has a little under 200 million views. Other top-ranking cryptos like LINK, , and achieved 45 million, 43 million, and 38 million views respectively. Notably, Total Processing based the report on a study of over 10,000 videos. It reviewed 1,000 videos per crypto, to make sure it was an even playing field. Lately, mainstream crypto adoption has risen, partly due to the great performance of cryptos to date.

The recent rise in crypto interest is also due to high corporate investments. As more and more companies have started adding cryptos to their balance sheets there has been a marked rise in crypto-related searches. In fact, Cardano recently broke a Google (NASDAQ:) search record that was set in 2017. The altcoin sparked a lot of interest prior to its Mary hard fork. At the same time, Google Finance also more...