Fall asleep in Vienna, wake up in Paris – Europe’s night trains make a comeback

SourceWorld Economic Forum
CountryMiddle east

Germany, France, Switzerland and Austria bring back routes for night trains. Traveling by rail emits much less carbon per kilometre than going by air or road. 2021 is set to be designated European Year of Rail. There’s something about long-distance train travel that stirs the soul. It conjures up the romance of a bygone era, full of opportunities for adventure, mystery, and even love. But in Europe, waking up as your train pulls into a foreign capital isn’t a relic of the past, but a sign of the future. National rail operators in four countries – Germany, France, Austria and Switzerland – have announced plans to revive the continent’s network of night trains. Routes from Vienna to Munich and on to Paris, and Zurich to Amsterdam via Cologne will be re-established in 2021.

Further routes – linking Berlin, Brussels, Rome and even Barcelona – are planned within the next few years, reviving services that were declining in recent decades. Planned routes on the Nightjet rail network. Image: Aviation 24 The revival in transcontinental sleeper trains has been prompted by a change of heart by Germany’s rail ...read more...