Glint: The Global Currency of the Future – Crypto, Gold or Something Else?

SourceThe Fintech Times
SectorFinancial Markets
CountryMiddle east

Jason Cozens is the Founder and CEO of Glint , the global, gold-based payments system that is allowing clients to instantly and securely save, send and spend real gold. Glint has launched a dual UK and US crowdfunding round – the first time that Seedrs and Republic have partnered on a co-raise. Here Cozens gives his views on what will the global currency of the future – crypto, gold, or something else: The age of inflation is upon us.

Whilst the UK figures may still sit well below the record levels of the early 1990s, inflation is one of the main driving forces that has created the current perfect storm that is eroding the value of our cash and our savings. Over the last few weeks, we’ve had consumer price inflation figures released from China, the US and the UK – hitting 0.9%, 4.2% and 1.5% respectively. A closer look at each country indicates the stark realities of each rise. In China, inflation remains some way off the 3% target but there is potential for a huge far-reaching global impact if the 6.8% rise in producer prices – the fastest jump since October 2017 – is passed onto consumers, especially more...