Mark Cuban says Ethereum has the ‘most upside’ as a crypto investment

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Mark Cuban says Ethereum has the ‘most upside’ as a crypto investment

Though the crypto market has exploded this year, not all digital coins and assets are equal, according to billionaire investor Mark Cuban. When asked what cryptocurrency he'd suggest for beginners or new investors in the space, Cuban explained how he views many of the most popular digital coins. "As an investment, I think ethereum has the most upside," Cuban tells . And bitcoin is "better gold than gold." To learn about cryptocurrency and how the space's rich communities can impact the markets, Cuban recommends meme-inspired dogecoin. Earlier this year, dogecoin became , in part due to influence from the . Cuban also recommends dogecoin for "fun," he says. However, it's important to remember that financial experts generally consider cryptocurrency risky, volatile and speculative, and they warn that investors should only invest what they can afford to lose. Cuban has an , which includes digital coins such as bitcoin, ether, dogecoin and other altcoins; ; and many . This isn't the first time Cuban has touted ether, bitcoin and dogecoin. The smart contracts, or collections of code, on the ethereum blockchain " " in the crypto space, the "Shark Tank" investor and Dallas Mavericks owner said on in April. That's because

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