Meet The Crypto Elite: Klaytn, Tezos Are Among This Rarified Top 0.40% Crowd –
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Cryptos with market caps over $1.85 trillion not a crowd, rather, an elite club
Critical mass improves trading opportunities
Number of cryptos continues to soar despite the correction
Klaytn has an over $2.3 billion market cap
Tezos: not far below KLAY in top 0.40% elite

The cryptocurrency asset class has appealed to the emotion that is a powerful motivator of human beings—greed. Markets are highly susceptible to fear as well as greed, which can drive prices to lows and highs.

Stories about cryptocurrency millionaires and billionaires with the foresight to invest over the past years have sparked wild speculative activity in the burgeoning asset class. There are few things more powerful than a tale of turning a $10 investment in in 2010 at five cents per token into $6.0 million at $30,000 in 2021.

Since Bitcoin burst onto the investment scene, nearly 11,000 crypto tokens have come to market.

While the overwhelming majority will wind more...