New Yorker Shares Epic Treasure Hunt As She Seeks Missing Heirloom on Her 1787 Farm

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A model-turned-farmer has been documenting the incredible treasure hunt left by her ancestors on her family’s 234-year-old farm, as she hunted for a missing family heirloom.

Iris Rogers used to grace the pages of Vogue, but turned her back on her modeling career in the Big Apple to move back to her family’s 1787 farm, in upstate New York.

Now managing the farm, called Homestead Hemp 1787, Rogers set about trying to track down the original deed, which had been lost years before.

As she started delving into her family’s, and the farm’s, history, she ended up on a treasure hunt across the estate, following bizarre clues left in Bibles, trees and in the foundations.

Explaining the backstory in a video, Rogers said: “This is the story of how the deed to my family’s 234-year-old farm went missing. Long ago in the year of 1787 my ancestor, Clark Rogers, signed the deed for 559 acres of land. The same land we live on more...