Suez taught us our future lay in Europe. So will Brexit

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Suez taught us our future lay in Europe. So will Brexit

Many countries are experiencing economic problems associated with the pandemic and supply chain shortages, but none is in such a bad position as the UK.

This is entirely because of Brexit. Quite apart from the multiplicity of crises associated with the acute shortage of heavy goods vehicle drivers – pigs being culled, but not for eating, farmers pouring milk down the drain, queues for petrol, you name it – the economic self-harm is now showing up in the statistics, with the International Monetary Fund putting the UK bottom of its Group of Seven future growth league. This contrasts with our prime minister’s shallow claims that the UK is currently enjoying the fastest growth in the G7.

It is officially calculated that the output of goods and services in the economy will still be 3% lower next year than before the onset of the epidemic. Chancellor Sunak had to be dragged – screaming and shouting and badmouthing his business secretary, Kwasi Kwarteng, on the way – before agreeing to give minimal assistance to Britain’s desperate energy sector.

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