Top Stocks To Short Today As Bond Yields Clobber Tech Shares Again

SectorFinancial Markets
CountryMiddle east

Growth stocks, especially tech, plummeted once again thanks to rising bond yields and interest rate fears. Anxious investors are waiting for Fed Chair Jerome Powell's statement today on the state of the economy and interest rates. Fears of inflation are certainly palpable right now thanks to bond yields hitting their highest levels in over a year, and there are worries that Powell may have no choice but to hike the Fed Funds Rate sooner than expected. For now, the Fed still plans on keeping its targeted interest rate low.

However, if bond yields continue to rise, high-growth companies reliant on low borrowing rates could continue their downturn. The Dow Jones dropped 300 points or 1%, the S&P 500 fell 1. 6%, and the Nasdaq NDAQ plummeted by 3% and fell below its 50-day moving average. The deep learning algorithms at Q. ai have crunched the data to give you a set of Top Shorts. Our Artificial Intelligence ("AI") systems more...