Where Investors Earned The Most From Bitcoin In 2020 [Infographic]

SectorFinancial Markets
CountryMiddle east

Share to Linkedin Interest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies surged across the world over the past couple of months but how much are investors actually making from the boom in digital currencies? A geographic analysis of cryptocurrency is difficult due to decentralized nature of the technology and it is impossible to locate the parties involved in individual transactions with absolute certainty. Software company Chainalysis has been able to provide a decent estimate, however, as it tracks services that involve Bitcoin transaction data. American investors made an estimated $4 billion from Bitcoin last year, a figure that’s three times as high as the next country on the list, China.

Chainalysis states that this is surprising because China has historically boasted the highest raw cryptocurrency transaction volume by far. The United States likely surged past the $1. 1 billion Chinese investors made in 2020 as a result of huge inflows that occurred towards the end of last year, resulting in considerable gains....read more...