PROCAPITA HR Trends & Practices Report 2024: The results

PROCAPITA HR Trends & Practices Report 2024: The results

Regional human capital consultancy PROCAPITA has released the 2024 edition of its annual HR Trends & Practices report, shedding light on the main developments and shifts in the GCC’s labor market.

For its report, PROCAPITA conducted a survey of leaders from 1,200 organizations from various sectors in the GCC, providing deep insights into developments across the landscape.

Employment growth

Employee growth rate remained positive in the GCC, with 66.7% of the participating organizations citing increases in 2023. The highest growth rate was recorded in KSA, which could be attributed to various labor reforms, including private sector investment and entrepreneurship initiatives, boosting the Saudi talent market forward.

Source: PROCAPITA, HR Trends & Practices - Annual Report 2023-2024

On the other hand, organizations in Qatar cited a low employee growth rate in 2023 potentially due to the completion of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, which reduced the demand for talent.

70.1% of participating organizations in the GCC expect the employee growth rate to increase in 2024. Organizations in KSA have the highest expectation of growth potentially due to investment in various mega projects to boost tourism and the hiring for mega-projects such as NEOM.

The outlook for the GCC is promising, as organizations anticipate favorable advancements that will lead