UAE expats: Best time to remit? Currency forecasts for Indian Rupee, Pakistani Rupee, Philippine Peso

SourceGulf News
SectorFinancial Markets

Dubai: Remittances from the UAE are seeing a surge as several, particularly South Asian currencies, were losing ground in the past weeks. But will remittance-beneficial currency trend continue? When it comes to sending money back home, it is vital to know whether it is currently an ideal time to remit. To understand whether it is or isn’t, one should first find out if your currency back home is expected to rise or fall in the days to come.

According to statistics, South Asians, which – among others – include people from India, Pakistan and the Philippines, and make up nearly 60 per cent of the UAE population. So, it would be financially beneficial to regularly analyse currencies of the above countries, be it – the Rupee or the Peso. Here is an analysis of how these aforementioned currencies have been performing and expected to perform in the coming weeks and months, to help understand whether remitting money now more...