UAE’s first quantum computer to protect you from cyberattacks

SourceKhaleej Times

The UAE has announced the country’s first quantum computer and is also developing the first post-quantum cryptography (PQC) software library to safeguard confidential data against quantum computer attacks. Top cryptography expert Dr Najwa Aaraj, chief researcher at the Cryptography Research Centre of the Technology Innovation Institute, noted that even though user data is secured in the UAE, any unprotected data may potentially be a target for a diligent hacker. Quantum computers – far more powerful than classical computers – can be used by hackers for malicious purposes.

The Abu-Dhabi based researcher said that there is a continuous global tug-of-war between cybersecurity experts and cybercriminals and hackers. “As to why and how such leaks happen, hackers essentially exploit vulnerabilities in computer software and networks to gain unauthorised access,” she told Khaleej Times in an interview. Breaches at social and professional networking sites, Dr Najwa underlined, were serious incidents as hackers and cybercriminals can use the data to impersonate people more...