Airwater Co. secures investment from Tau Capital

Airwater Co. secures investment from Tau Capital

UAE-based cleantech Airwater Co. has raised investment from Abu Dhabi-based venture capital firm Tau Capital, for an undisclosed value.

Founded in 2018 by Alex Guy, Airwater Co. designs and manufactures air-to-water technology to create clean water from humidity in the air.

The investment will enable Airwater Co. to scale manufacturing, infrastructure and distribution, with a focus on large commercial and industrial atmospheric water generation facilities.

Press release:

Airwater Co., a global air-to-water technology company, today announced funding from Abu Dhabi-based venture capital firm Tau Capital. Tau Capital invests in groundbreaking technologies, empowering pioneers to transform industries and shape a better future.

As water security concerns increase worldwide, investors, governments and companies are seeking new technologies to address challenges. Research from CDP, a global nonprofit organisation, reports that water is now a major risk for global supply chains, with at least $77 billion under threat. 

Established in Abu Dhabi in 2018, Airwater Co. has transformed into a market leader through six years of focused R&D, with a recently launched brand identity that reflects its cutting-edge innovation and global influence. Bill Murray, Tau Capital’s Managing Director, remarks, “Airwater Co.’s tech-focused approach to water security exemplifies the type of transformative innovation which we at Tau Capital believe is essential